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The IMS East Africa Section is one of the last to be created, following a need of the bishops and superiors of the region for health coverage for their members. In 2007, the mission of IMS was therefore entrusted to the Kenya Bishops’ Conference (KCCB). Soon, the dioceses of Kenya as well as many religious institutes joined the Association.


Priests and religious men and women from all the countries of the region are represented in this outreach section, notably Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Mozambique, i.e. nearly 7000 beneficiary members.

After the important development work of the Section leaders during the years 2010, the Marist Brothers’ Province of the Africa Central East took over the administration of the IMS management on the 1st December 2020. They thus continue the very numerous interventions of IMS in the region. They also maintain a regular link with the IMS Groups. Finally, the Brothers also take on the mission of developing IMS in countries where the need for health assistance still exists.



Sister Georgette

East Africa Section


I have been enrolled in IMS since 1997, since my training in Burkina Faso, Rome, France and Kenya for 22 years. My congregation has chosen the IMS cover and we are very happy with it.

Here in Nairobi, I am responsible for Roussel House and St Theresa’s Centre and I work with 12 of my sisters, all of whom are registered with the IMS. They are relatively young and active in their multiple tasks in the training of the girls we help and in the running of the house in general etc…

Fortunately, our health expenses are very limited and so much the better; today we are proud to contribute to the IMS. But we know that if expensive care arises (accident, dental…), we can count on the IMS.

Sister Arlette, our IMS Group Leader, consults the IMS communications, participates in the meetings, follows the files with precision ; she is perfectly competent (filing requests for mutual aid on the extranet…).



Health sheet

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Prayer for end of the coronavirus disease


Written by the bishops of the  Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar