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The International Missionary Society (IMS) is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to monks, nuns and priests on missions in different parts of the world, missionaries who perform the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving all of humankind, particularly the most disadvantaged people, across all the continents of the world.

The Latin America section  attends to our organization’s members in our beloved part of the world. The Latin America section is made up of 30 groups with a total of 1,215 members. We have groups in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Haiti. But anyone who is consecrated and lives in a Latin American country can choose to be a part of the IMS.



Sister Miriam Torres

Central America Section


We discovered the existence of the IMS from our general bursar. She visited us in 2015. Being provincial in Africa of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, she was part of one of the IMS Sections. She spoke to us about the assistance, about the good that has been brought to the sisters in a precarious health situation in Africa. And seeing the need we had for medicines or health care for our sisters in the province, she told us to get closer to the representative for America.

For us the IMS has been of vital help. First of all because it includes all the sisters. There is no distinction between being young and healthy and being old. There is no age limit.

The second advantage we have seen is that it covers the whole range of what we might need in terms of medication, treatment, different types of consultations or what we might need.

Thirdly, the sisters’ assistance in terms of health is that it allows us to obtain reimbursement and it gives us easier access to better medical care for the benefit of the sisters.




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