IMS – group managers meetings in Nairobi (Kenya) and in Kigali (Rwanda).


During the first quarter of the year 2024, the East Africa Section programmed meetings for the group managers in Nairobi (Kenya) – on Feb 20th, and in Kigali (Rwanda) – on March 21st.  This is part of the training that we are offering to the managers, as they have responsibilities of being sure that the work done is correct, as well as using the correct ways to report their claims, particularly if receipts are difficult to get them, as they received instructions on how to use the Form 8:  Declaration of honour – filled by the group manager.


Both groups were reviewed on the good practices that have helped them in making good claims.  We also went through the list of the conventional hospitals, outpatient centres and pharmacies where the IMS id card could be used and reduce the work of uploading receipts, plus the great advantage of having the reduced price at the point of receiving the services.


Being the first meeting of the year, also we shared on the latest events of last year, of the IMS General Assembly and the later decisions of the Steering Committee.


The attendance to both meetings was good and people profited to clarify some particular doubts that were applied to their individual groups.



In the meeting of Nairobi, we were honoured to have among us Mr Sylvain Sacheli and Mr Yves Delarra coming from France.  As well as the presence of two bishops whose Dioceses are affiliated to IMS, Mons. Paul Kariuki (Wote Diocese) and Mons. Joseph Obanyi (Kakamega Diocese).



In the meeting of Kigali, we also welcomed group members from other Sections.