Our organisation

The IMS is an International association incorporated under Swiss law which operates in connection with the Conferences of Major Superiors, the Episcopal Conferences and the leaders of other Christian churches.

A mutual assistance Association in the spirit of the Gospel, it allows Major Superiors and Bishops

to assume their canonical responsibility towards their members in the healthcare field. (lien vers la page obligation canonique)


Its participatory way of working enables the member communities to participate in the approaches and decisions of the association.


The General Assembly, composed of delegates of the Groups and Sections from the five member continents of the Association, meets every three years, to decide, in particular, on the triennial accounts and to appoint and revoke the members of the Steering Committee.


The Steering Committee of the IMS comprises 14 members from the different areas in which the association is present. They are proposed by the founding member and the associated members (Religious institutes and Episcopal conferences). The Steering Committee meets at least once a year. It is responsible for the general operation of the Association.


The sections are the geographical relays of the IMS. èLien hypertexte vers la page Sections sur laquelle figure la carte et le texte du Frère Vignau sur les sections


The Sections are responsible for the administrative management of the beneficiary members of the Groups in a geographical area and they play a vital local role for the beneficiaries. They also promote the Mutual Assistance services and development of the IMS in the region in which they are located.


Throughout the year, each section


  • deals with memberships of the groups and then the registrations and deregistrations of the beneficiaries.
  • collects the contributions.
  • registers the requests for reimbursements and pays the groups the assistance,
  • keeps the accounts and reports every half-year to the Central Office.
  • manages the Level 1 Social Fund En savoir plus lien hypertexte vers page fonds social. 


The Central Office relies on the General section to : 

  • prepare the files submitted to the level 2 Social Fund Committee,
  • for training dedicated to the personnel of the other Sections,
  • for the management of medical evacuations in liaison with the MUTAS partner.




A Group is formed by the beneficiary members of a community (congregation, diocese, institute, province, apostolic group, etc.).  


The Group is created by a Superior or Bishop who appoints a responsible person to manage the Group who will be the ordinary correspondent of their community for their Section.

Each group freely chooses the Section to which it is attached in view of the conditions offered (language, currency, ease of transfer of the treatment forms, etc.).


The group manager, appointed by the canonical authority, liaises between the members of their group and a Section for all healthcare assistance issues.

  • They are responsible for registering beneficiary members with the Section via the Group membership form and managing new memberships and deregistrations following a death, for example.
  • They are responsible for ensuring that the contributions are paid at the beginning of each half-year.
  • They gather and transfer the reimbursement request files using the I.M.S. forms to the competent Section for calculation and payment


Each beneficiary member feels responsible, through reasonable use of the healthcare.

See how to obtain reimbursements after provision of healthcare (lien hypertexte vers page remboursement.)


For details on IMS membership, visit this page (lien vers adhésion)