East Africa

Catholic Diocese of Meru – Kenya

February 17th, 2022.


During the ordinary assembly of the Clergy from Catholic Diocese of Meru (Kenya), Bishop Salesius Mugambi invited a member of IMS office (East African Section) to participate in the assembly.


Br Teo Grageda, FMS, coordinator of the East African Section explained to the participants how were the contributions and benefits that the Diocese had in the year 2021.


Furthermore, he introduced to all the participants the new engagement with MSH as a platform that offers a wide variety of medical services throughout the world.  At this moment, a member could be easily admitted to hospitals that are already in the MSH network, by presenting the identification card.


The clergy suggested IMS to consider inviting some of the Mission Hospitals that are in the area, to establish a dialogue and working agreement with MSH, as Meru is located 5 to 6 hours driving, North from Nairobi.


The Catholic Diocese of Meru joined IMS since July 2012 and currently the group has 170 registered members.