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The IMS Central Africa Section has to date: 124 Groups with 3,133 members in 7 countries, namely: Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

When the IMS Central Africa Section was created, the Spiritans of Cameroon, with whom the Head Office signed the Agreement, were the first to join it. Indeed, they are Group 001 of the Section.

In fact, the Spiritans are a family of missionaries who arrived in Cameroon in 1916. They are present in the field of the first announcement of faith, education, parish pastoral care, inter-religious dialogue and childhood in difficulty among other things.

Since the creation of the IMS Section, they have been working tirelessly for the expansion of Healthcare Solidarity in Central Africa in their capacity as a Manager by encouraging communities, Congregations and Dioceses to join it. They preach by example by paying their contributions on time and by affiliating all their members present in Cameroon, Priests and students, with the aim of putting the concept of solidarity dear to the IMS into practice. The Spiritans have always benefited from the solidarity of the IMS up to the level of medical evacuations and the Social Fund agreement.


Groups of Central Africa

Sister Mary Magdalene Efufa

Central Africa Section

Our IMS membership goes back more than twenty years. The fundamental motivations of IMS are, among others, our concern for solidarity and sharing in the field of health between different communities in regions of the world where health coverage is deficient; this concern has challenged
and motivated us to become a member of IMS.

The quality of welcome, listening and support provided by IMS each time we have used its services has always amazed us and encouraged us to work together. There are many sisters in our group who have benefited and continue to benefit from the mutual assistance and services of IMS. God bless you !

Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary in Yaoundé.


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