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The Belgian section of the IMS has 25 groups for 584 members. These groups have their main roots in Belgium.

The IMS is managed within the Christian mutuality (which manages health care in Belgium). The management of the contributions is provided by the staff of the Christian mutuality and the reimbursement of health care has been provided for 3 years now by the reimbursement services of IMS Paris, the size of the Belgian section does not allow management in Belgium.

Arnaud Gorgemans, director of the Christian Saint-Michel mutuality, manages the IMS in Belgium.


- 21/10/2020

Sections meeting 2020

On October 21, 2020, the IMS President and her administrators brought together Section officials and secretaries for their traditional year-end…



Sister Chantal

Representative of CORREB on the Steering Committee

I am a Salesian of the Visitation and a former missionary. We have long worked in congregations to help our sisters in Africa cope with the cost of their health care. That’s how we wanted to create a group at EMI four or five years ago. The latter allows us to centralize the health care declarations of our sisters, wherever they are (in Kinshasa or in more remote missions, especially outside the DRC). We had the choice of section, since there are several in Africa, but we opted for centralization in Belgium. I was appointed leader of the group, being a nurse and familiar with the difficulties related to health care on the African continent.


The IMS, based on solidarity among all its members, operates all over the world. Members’ contributions vary depending on the cost of care in the country and the country’s standard of living. We have sisters who, fortunately, have never needed medical care since we joined. But some of them, following a serious health problem, benefit from a hospitalization almost 100% as well as regularly reimbursed health care, for example during a serious chronic illness. This is solidarity!



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