Our mission

The International Missionary Benefit Society is an ecumenical association whose purpose is to help Superiors and Bishops take care of men and women religious, priests, seminarians, pastors and members of associations of the faithful and their sick spouses and children, when they do not have a healthcare system in their country.

Our organisation

The IMS is an International association incorporated under Swiss law which operates in connection with the Conferences of Major Superiors, the Episcopal Conferences and the leaders of other Christian churches.

A mutual assistance Association in the spirit of the Gospel, it allows Major Superiors and Bishops to assume their canonical responsibility towards their members in the healthcare field.

Its participatory way of working enables the member communities to participate in the approaches and decisions of the association.

Our history

For over 50 years the IMS, an international association governed by Swiss law, has been working to ensure that priests, church people and missionaries around the world have healthcare cover (140 countries) thus facilitating the obligation of their dioceses and their congregations to provide this cover in accordance with Can. 619 (30,000 beneficiary members to date).