Presentation of the section

The IMS section in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is run by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Helmet. The congregation was founded in 1856 and has its general house in Belgium. The sisters serve in Latin America and also in Africa. One of its founders said: “The work of the Holy Family is unceasing. It requires courageous and persevering souls”, a spirit that is shared by International Missionary Benefit Society, whose actions in support of health are universal.

The decision to set up an IMS Section in the Democratic Republic of Congo was a strong decision on the part of the IMS’s administrators, given the great needs and the large number of religious communities in the country.

The IMS wishes to step up its solidarity efforts towards its Groups in the DRC, with a very low level of contributions per beneficiary member and optimised access to services, such as the healthcare network.


Surveillance infirmière des cas de Covid-19

Fiche santé

Paramètres de surveillance, critères de gravité, prise en charge.

“C’est vous Seigneur qui êtes le médecin”

Prière de saint Augustin