East Africa

Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Trinity

Virtual encounter with the Council of this Congregation, as they were preparing to join IMS – East Africa Section, after sending them the “Service Guide”. This encounter was meaningful in order to clear their views from all the corners of the sub-province as they had prepared well their interventions, aided by the material handed to them. The members of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters are based in the Philippines, and having Sisters working in several countries of Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, South Korea and another two countries.


In times of the pandemic, the East Africa Section is making all what is possible to reach different Congregations and explain to them how IMS works and the importance of safeguarding the value that is present in our organization: Solidarity, as a means to help one another among the members of this organization.


As a matter of fact, this Congregation finally took the decision to join us, based in taking into their conscious the responsibility of helping each other: “fragile members with those who are physically strong!” This is one of the four groups that joined our network as from this second semester of 2021.