Our values

  • A service for the Church

    • Promoting the conditions for the mission of those working in the service of the Church worldwide within the framework of the Dioceses of local Churches and Institutes
  • An international dimension

    • 5 options to meet local and international needs
    • Sections in Europe, Africa and Latin America
    • Reflections on creating Sections in Asia
  • Christian values of solidarity

    • Contributions and assistance adapted according to needs and place
    • No age limit
    • Membership of a universal kind
    • Collective membership
  • IMS

    The IMS is constructed and operates on a mutual and solidarity system. It redistributes the funds that it receives through the contributions in the form of assistance.

    The association founded for Missionaries now serves Churches in the emerging countries.

    In the service of the Institutes and of their members, the IMS shares its experience in providing cover for health care costs. It can offer assistance to all the poorer Institutes lacking adequate financial resources, exploring with them how their health care risks can be covered.