Sister Rolande

Sister Rolande

West Africa Section

Daughter of the Heart of Mary

Since I was in training, I have always heard the word IMS, without really knowing what it meant. Later, our superiors informed us that the province of Africa was no longer enrolled with the IMS.  We were sorry. For years, we remained without being members. We tried to join mutual societies, however we remained unsatisfied until the day, at an Assembly of major superiors in Dassa Zoumè, Benin, I met Sister Dena, Head of an IMS Section. She presented the Association so well, it transfixed me. I had personal conversations with her. 

I talked with some of the institutes that are members and which praised the West Africa IMS, so I discussed the topic with my sisters who were in favour of joining. 


I can count on Sister Dena for responsible, fraternal and understanding participatory membership with respect and collaboration. 

All for the greater glory of God. In great union.