Assistance and additional solutions

Assistance following care

  • Relief Fund

    The IMS has several levels of intervention designed to provide support for the health of priests, nuns and monks.


    This always operates on the principle of solidarity between members; and the system of options takes into account differences in costs between the countries.

  • The Social Fund

    Under certain conditions, this provides exceptional assistance for expensive health care costs. It is allocated by the commissions of each IMS Section (Level 1), as well as the International Commission (Level 2).


    For any request, contact the section.

Additional solution

  • Mutas

    Medical evacuation in the event of illness or accident requiring immediate hospitalisation (OPTION 1 ONLY).
    In the event of a medical evacuation, MUTAS intervenes.
    IMS pays the invoice for medical repatriations in full* and then asks the group to repay 20% of its participation. (*Up to 5 seats in tourist class).