• Covid 19 – Message from the President

    All over the world we are affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. This invite me to entrust ourselves to one another under the protection of the Virgin Mary. We see the importance of solidarity with our loved ones, our communities, homes and also a solidarity and communion of the universal Church.

    In this context, I want to inform you of the closeness of the IMS which has quickly taken all the necessary steps to continue its services.

    Today when some of you will be isolated or even weakened, know that the staff of the Sections remain mobilized to accompany you. In response to the pandemic, the Association has put in place plans to allow you to remain in contact with your IMS reference persons via electronic and telephone means. The teams are teleworking ; in order to gain connectivity and enable you to obtain your assistance, requests for reimbursement can now be sent by email.

    •            To Group managers

    As for this virus, prevention is essential. As an extension of the support given to superiors and bishops, I urge you to respect the preventive measures already in place within the Sections. We thought you might find this document useful : Some practical information about COVID-19.. Please feel free to distribute it widely.

    •           To caregivers*

    Finally, some IMS beneficiary members work in the health sector. I would like to thank them for their efforts in accompanying the sick.

    (*see also the latest files available by CLICKING HERE)

    Do not hesitate to contact IMS for any further information or to inform of any particular difficulties.
    If you have any medical questions, you can also send them to

    Let us all remain vigilant and respect the recommended measures.
    With the assurance of our commitment and prayers

  • Covid 19 – On the ground

    Because of its worldwide dimension, the International Missionary Society is particularly concerned by the COVID-19 epidemic. The lockdown is an ordeal for the Sections as well as for the Groups and their members.

    Nevertheless, as of March 16th, 2020, the managers of the 7 local Sections took measures to continue their mission in order to be present alongside the Groups and to keep sending the IMS aids.

    Teleworking guarantees maximum security for everyone. When necessary, interactions are made with a constant concern for barrier gestures. Superiors, Bishops and Group managers have also received information on prevention and action if faced with cases of COVID-19.

    Finally, it is worth noting the active participation of some IMS Sections in supporting religious communities affected by this disease, especially in Yaoundé.

    Sister Dena receives a Group manager at the Office (IMS West Africa)

    Mrs. Aura teleworking (IMS Central America)

    Brothers Manuel and Niceforo on videoconference with their Groups (IMS Central America)


  • Colombia : the Central American section meets 250 bursars

    On February 22 in Bogota, Brother Gregorio (EMI administrator in Central America) and Brother Manuel (treasurer of the Province of Marist Brothers in Central America) met with the bursars of the Consecrated Life.
    They presented the International Missionary Assistance through its philosophy, its organization and its offers in terms of medical coverage.
    If the EMI was already known to some of the 250 bursars present, many were those who discovered its existence on this occasion and the concrete principle of its actions for the benefit of superiors and bishops.
    A fruitful meeting, followed by individual discussions for those most interested, which will undoubtedly allow the EMI to welcome new members in the coming months.

  • Nairobi, February 2020

    In early February 2020, Brother Vignau (Secretary General EMI) and Mr. Sacheli (Operational Manager) went to Nairobi. The purpose of the trip was to prepare for the transfer of the EMI East Africa Section (now delegated to the Conference of Bishops) to the Province of the Marist Brothers of Central Africa.
    They were thus received by the President of the Conference of Bishops and its Permanent Council and then by the Apostolic Nuncio. They also met the Secretary General of the Conference of Religious and the Secretary General of the Conference of Religious.
    Brother Vignau and Mr. Sacheli also had a long discussion with Sister Joan (Section Manager) and her team, then with Brother Téo (future Section Manager), both to deal with some current affairs and to prepare for the installation of the next team at the Marists International Center.

  • Meeting with Cardinal OUELETT

    On Tuesday, November 26th 2019, Sister AULIAC and Brother VIGNAU met in Rome with Cardinal OUELETT, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops.

    He is also President of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America and is well acquainted with the needs of the ecclesiastics of the Latin American sub-continent.

    The exchange took place in the spirit advocated by Pope Francis: “to promote Solidarity”.

    The President of the IMS recalled the canonical duties of the bishops and the services that the IMS offers.

    Cardinal OUELETT showed great interest in the service offer of the IMS and its international operation. He was particularly sympathetic to the non-profit and solidarity nature of the IMS, which is anything but an insurance company.

    Future bishops (in training) as well as those in office can directly contact the Sections or the Central Office for detailed information about the IMS health cover.

    20191126_122531_v2          20191126_114830

  • The Steering Committee of November 2019


    The 14 directors of the Steering Committee of the IMS met in Paris on 14 and 15 November 2019. As every year, this meeting is a privileged moment of exchange, in the presence also of the members of the commissions, as well as the persons in charge and the secretaries of Section during the first day. “We represent 3 continents, a small piece of the World,” said Sister Elisabeth Auliac, President, in the introduction.

    The representatives of the Sections shared with the administrators their field experience and the activities of the past year, without forgetting the difficulties encountered and the paths of evolution.
    On this occasion, the assembly welcomed the considerable work carried out by Sister Tecla (Head of East Africa Section) and Sister Charo (Secretary of Central Africa Section) who leave their service within the IMS. Their journey and their commitment were traced with emotion and they were warmly thanked.
    The floor was then given to Sister Joan and Sister Marie-Anne, their respective replacement, who introduced themselves.

    During these two days, the Steering Committee studied the activities of the Office, the accounts of the Association as well as the work of the actuaries.
    These stages allowed to exchange on the important topics of the IMS and led to the vote of the resolutions (revision of the texts, management of the Sections, closing of the accounts, assistance, balance of the Association).
    Appointment was made for the next meeting of the Steering Committee in June 2020, followed by the General Assembly.

    P1000335v2      20191114_150241      20191114_150947


  • IMS in Argentina and Uruguay

    Brother Gregorio and Brother Niceforo went to Argentina and Uruguay to meet the religious conferences.
    The meetings began on April 2nd in Argentina with great interest on the part of the present people, regarding the International Missionary Society.
    In Montevideo (Uruguay) on April 4th, the two Marist Brothers of the IMS Central America Section spoke about the situation of the communities, with the President of the Conference (CONFRU) and the superiors.
    The services of IMS have been detailed; they are fitted to the needs of the congregations in these countries.

    dav btr buenos_aires_1

  • Meeting the leaders of the Catholic Church of Latin America

    In March 2019, Sister Elisabeth AULIAC, President of the International Missionary Benefits Society, went to meet the leaders of the Catholic Church of Latin America, in order to present the Association, but also to study the local solutions in terms of health cover. She was accompanied by Brother Henri VIGNAU, Secretary-General, and by Mr Sylvain SACHELI, Operational and Development Manager.

    In Colombia, Monsignor Juan Espinosa JIMENEZ, Secretary-General of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) and Monsignor Francisco Nino SUA (his deputy) mentioned the important consideration of the health and social aspects by the dioceses across the continent. The quality of the services may vary according to the countries and the cities, a need the IMS could answer.

    In Chile, Brother Gregorio LINACERO MELON (manager) and Brother Niceforo Garran GONZALES (secretary of the Central America section) were also present alongside Sister AULIAC. They coordinated the IMS intervention before the assembly of the Latin American Conference of Religious (CLAR). Outside the contributions of the President, Brother VIGNAU and Brother LINACERO MELON, three congregation managers spoke about their experience of the solidarity and the services of the IMS.

    Monsignor Ivo SCAPOLO, apostolic nuncio of Chile gave the IMS managers a remarkable welcome, providing important details about the difficulties of certain congregations and monasteries.

    During another meeting, Monsignor Fernando RAMOS, Secretary-general of the Chilean Bishops’ Conference recalled some of the difficulties of the religious; he also reflected on the possible alliance between several health cover systems.

    Finally, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati ANDRELLO, Archbishop of Santiago de Chile also showed his interest in the IMS. The congregations and the communities in difficulty but also the new communities have a clear interest in getting closer to the IMS.

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    DSC06429_v2 IMG_0998_v2
  • On October 13th 2018 the meeting of the IMS Steering Committee was held

    On October 13th 2018 the meeting of the IMS Steering Committee was held. The day before, a preparatory meeting was held with the IMS sections (General, Belgium, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Madagascar, and Central America); there were rich exchanges about different topics that interested the sections and the groups.

    After her speech, Sister AULIAC (Chemin Neuf Community) wanted to pay tribute to Father MENARD (Society of the Priests of Saint Jacques), who was the administrator then the president during the past 21 years. The participants then detailed the results of the work carried out during the past year, before addressing the decisions.

    Sister AULIAC was elected President of the IMS and Father SERCK (Mutual Fund of the Religious of Belgium) was elected Vice-President. Monseigneur MUGAMBI (Kenya Conference of Bishops) and Father PECQUEUX (Congregation of the Eudists) were named administrators.

    The decisions are quite favourable towards the IMS members, particularly with the contribution of 5 countries decreasing (transition from zone B to zone C), facilities of the implementation of the Social Funds procedure and measured indexations of the contributions.

    The next Steering Committee is scheduled for November 7th 2019.