Assistance and additional solutions

Assistance following care

Additional solutions

  • Mutas

    Medical evacuation in the event of illness or accident requiring immediate hospitalisation (OPTION 1 ONLY).
    In the event of a medical evacuation, MUTAS intervenes.
    IMS pays the invoice for medical repatriations in full* and then asks the group to repay 20% of its participation. (*Up to 5 seats in tourist class).

  • Previnter

    Independent, non-profit association. Its purpose is to promote, organise and manage the social protection of international personnel (expatriates, impatriates, seconded staff, international staff*, etc.) of its member companies.

    PREVINTER implements this service to provide routine support for member companies, their insured employees and their families round the world.

    *international staff are employees who neither come from the country in which the head office of the company is located, nor the country of the subsidiary, but from a third country. International staff are thus expatriates either in the country of the head office or in another country in which a subsidiary of the international company is located.
  • Saint-Martin Mutual supplementary scheme

    For supplementary health cover, the MSM offers a special contract reserved for members of the General Section of the IMS affiliated to Option 1, thereby benefiting from additional assistance for their health care costs in France.


    To subscribe to it, simply complete an application form and enclose with it a certificate of membership of the IMS.