Central America

News from August and September 2023

Wednesday 07 August 2023

We had a meeting with the Group Compañía Santa Teresa de Jesús of Paraguay, Mr. Richard Acosta, the Administrator of this group, to clarify some doubts that remained about the benefits of the AMI. Manuel Matilla had already had a first meeting with the group.

The group was quite enthusiastic about the benefits and accepted the registration to the IMS, they will register for the last quarter of the year.






Wednesday 24 August 2023

I met with Br Alejandro Orozco from the group Siervos de Jesús y Esclavos de María (Guadalajara, MX). This is a group that is already active in IMS but had not entered the MSH Extranet.

An explanation was given on the use of the Extranet system to enter mutual aids and clarifying doubts that arose during the meeting.





Manuel Matilla has been in communication with the following groups to make them aware of all the benefits of IMS-MSH.

a) Episcopal Conference of Peru

Sr. Maria Ines Menocal


b) Episcopal Conference in the Dominican Republic

Sr. Marta Ramirez


c) Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Mexico
Fernando Falcó from Mexico

On September 6th Brother Manuel Matilla met with this group by video call to inform them about the benefits of the AMI insurance.