Assistance amounts for year 2021

A beneficiary member of the IMS must contact the community to which they belong (Congregations, provinces, dioceses, autonomous houses, etc.) for everything connected to their assistance, requests for information or other details.

The assistance paid depends on the country of attachment and the option chosen.




  • A prior agreement is not necessary except for hydrotherapeutic cures.
  • No third party paying except for agreed hospitals. The request for direct billing is signed by the Group manager.
  • Saint-Joseph Hospital (185 rue Raymond Losserand – 75014 Paris) : Agreed hospital
  • Under penalty of forclusion, bills must be sent within two years following the date of the medical care.
  • The reimbursement requests are processed by the Group manager only.


More information about the Option 3 / standby position

Waiting position for members with a basic plan in their country of mission but who have to travel to a country of Option 1 (travel, holidays) for them to be covered.

The member is therefore registered in Option 3A (waiting position) as long as he is in his country of mission (therefore, without assistance from the IMS). It is during his stay in the option 1 country that he switches to Option 3B after regularization of the share corresponding to Option 1, which gives him the right to benefit from Solidarity Health on site (based on Option 1 except medical evacuation). The regularization of this quota must be carried out by the Group Manager for the entire semester.


Beneficiary’s commitments

For all IMS matters, the beneficiary must contact their Group manager. They incur their own responsibility for the medical procedures they agree to, under the control of their group manager (who validates the costs and then forwards them to the Section).

To obtain assistance, they must send their group manager:

  • The treatment forms, prescriptions, with the reimbursement stickers if any
  • the original invoices or certified copies with the practitioner’s stamp and signature
  • photocopies for prescription renewals
  • a letter that specifies the healthcare they have received, the physician’s specialism and the name of the currency. Caution: different currency acronyms, may be the same in different countries, such as the shilling (English or Tanzanian).


Rules for provision of assistance

  • The beneficiaries are free to choose their practitioner and healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities must, however, be approved by the national regulations of the location, to receive patients.
  • No third-party payment system except for contracted facilities. The assistance provided is calculated by the Section Manager.
  • No advance agreement is required except for spa treatment.
  • The foreclosure period (deadline) for submission of assistance requests is 2 years from the date of care. (Article 29 of the Internal Rules).
  • The summary listings must be processed by the Group Manager who forwards them to the Section.
  • The Group Manager (and not the beneficiary member) then receives IMS assistance for the community.

Explanations about the assistance by Sister Alphonso, group manager