Our organization


  • The Ordinary General Assembly

    The supreme power of the Association. It meets every three years. It is composed of the delegates of the Sections and member Groups of the Association. It elects the members of the Steering Committee (Section 1 of the Articles of Association).

  • The Steering Committee

    General operation of the Association. It is composed of 14 members who are nominated by the Conferences of the Major Superiors and the Episcopal Conferences, members of the IMS.
    It meets at least once a year.

Operational Cells

  • Central Office

    IMS Central Office implements the decisions taken by the governance bodies. In particular, it has a development role and ensures that the operational aspects are functioning properly within the Association. As such, it calls upon and provides support for the IMS Sections worldwide.


  • The Sections

    The local Sections are located around the world and play a local role with respect to the members. They collect the contributions and process and pay the benefits for the member beneficiaries of the Mutual Assistance Groups which belong to the Section. Their mission is also to respond to new applications to join the association. Their management is entrusted under an agreement to a religious community (Episcopal or Religious Conference, Congregation, etc.).



  • The Groups

    Membership of the IMS is firstly via a community that joins the society (congregations, provinces, dioceses, autonomous houses, etc.), thus constituting an IMS Group. The hierarchical authority of these affiliated communities appoints a Group Manager who is the connection between the members of their Group and an eligible Section of the IMS, for all questions regarding health care assistance.
    The Groups are free to choose their Section of reference given the conditions offered, such as the language of correspondence, the currency of payment, the facilities offered for transferring the treatment sheets, etc.