West Africa

West Africa Section visits to dioceses and congregations

Aledjo Charity Home


Since April 2023, the West Africa Section has launched an appeal to Group leaders to enquire about the dates of meetings of their Institutions, which may be for General Assemblies or for diocesan pastoral days. As a result, a calendar was drawn up so that as many as possible could take part.


More than a dozen dioceses and congregations were visited between May and September.




Behind a group leader, there may be 50, 100 or more than 250 members who need to know how their health association works.


After a year and a half’s experience with our new provider MSH, it’s time to see how this change is being received by members, to assess the level of information and training provided since 2022 and to welcome feedback and suggestions that will comfort decision-makers in their choice for greater fulfilment in terms of members’ health.


These few visits show just how interested members are in the different care options and zones, the difference between the IMS and local insurers, the social fund, the care network, non-reimbursable care, reduced contributions, the use of membership cards, etc.
The challenge is to continually inform and train members.



Pastoral days in the diocese of Sokode                       Pastoral days in the diocese of Dapaong



Pastoral days Dapaoong


The Section strongly recommended the use of Care Facilities on the Extranet and, in particular, to ask those responsible to print out the affiliates’ beneficiary cards and give them to them.


Congregations and dioceses are interested in joining the IMS and are being supported.

Sister Eugénie DENA
Head of IMS West Africa