Third-party payment cards available on the website

Since 2022, IMS members have had access to a healthcare network with third-party payment for part of the IMS’s assistance. A new third-party payment card has been made available on the MSH extranet. Easier to recognise by hospitals, it also allows third-party payment for outpatient care with many healthcare providers.

Group managers are invited to download and distribute this new card to their group members, either electronically or on paper.


This third-party payment service exempts you from having to pay in advance for the following treatments, up to the limit of the IMS reimbursement and within your area of cover:

  • Hospitalisation
  • Major procedures, including outpatient procedures, for example: colonoscopy, arthroscopy, radiotherapy, etc.
  • Biological procedures
  • Radiology procedures (MRI and CT scans, by prior agreement with MSH only)
  • Pharmacy

subject to presentation of the third-party payment card, the medical prescription and photo identification.

Any remaining costs (if applicable, depending on your cover) must be paid directly to the healthcare provider. The corresponding invoices must not be the subject of a request for assistance on your part.



In the event of hospitalisation (planned hospitalisation, day hospitalisation) or expensive outpatient treatment (such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, colonoscopy, MRI, CT scan, etc.), you must contact MSH in order to request prior agreement and cover from the IMS and MSH network professionals listed on the Extranet.


In the event of urgent hospitalisation, you must present your new third-party payment card to the admissions department so that the establishment can contact MSH and request reimbursement from the IMS and MSH network professionals listed on the Extranet.


For biology, radiology and pharmacy procedures, you must present your third-party payment card, the medical prescription and your photo ID when you visit the professionals in the MSH network (see “Other establishments” on the Extranet).


In the event of treatment other than those mentioned above, the invoices must be paid and submitted to MSH for a request for assistance, in accordance with your cover.


Group managers have greater autonomy and can download third-party payment cards from the extranet at any time for members with options 1 and 2. All they have to do is log on to the online space and download the card from the Extranet Space – IMS ( in the “Your Affiliation / Insurance Card” section.