The IMS present at the AMECEA

Accompanied by Brother VIGNAU (IMS secretary- general ) and Mr SACHELI (Operational and Development Manager), Sister TECLA (manager of the East Africa section in Nairobi) presented the IMS during the 19th session of the AMECEA (Association of the Episcopal Conferences of East Africa) that took place in Ethiopia (Addis Abeba, July 2018). 


Nearly 400 participants including the majority of the bishops from 9 countries were gathered, as well as the secretaries of 2 dicasteries and representatives, in order to talk about themes of diversity, equality, dignity and peace. 


The audience appreciated the IMS message. Indeed, health issues are a real problem in the area, especially because health cover devices are limited or inappropriate. 


Meetings continued in 2 nearby countries: the IMS was presented in Rwanda and Burundi through meetings and exchanges with nuncios (or their representative), dioceses and congregations. The principle of solidarity has been well understood and the adaptation of the services appreciated by the bishops and the superiors who have to ensure the social protection of their members.