The importance of the role of the Group Manager

When joining the IMS, a religious collectivity appoints a “Group Manager”. This person has an essential role, particularly in the use of IMS services and the rights of religious members to health coverage.


The Group Manager is the contact person for the priests, religious and beneficiary members of the group and the Group’s representative for the Section in the area of management. In this capacity, he/she is responsible for the registration of its members (biannual updating of the list) and the payment of contributions to the Section. It also collects, checks and sends invoices and supporting documents on a regular basis, so that the community receives the IMS support.


The General Section regularly accompanies the IMS Groups through meetings. On request, Mr Colasse, head of the management department, is also able to offer individual support :  / +33 (0)1 42 22 91 29


Among the recommendations that allow the delivery of support in the best conditions, we can mention :


  • sending the updated list of members within one month of the request
  • payment of contributions within 15 days of the call
  • contacting the General Section, using the 3 email addresses according to the subject (affiliations, prestations, emi)
  • sending claims on a regular basis (not in the form of a parcel)
  • in correspondence, indication of the Group number (in the subject line of the e-mail)
  • the passing of instructions between the downward/upward group managers (change of function)