Sister Claudette Ralivao

Sister Claudette Ralivao

Madagascar Section

Sisters of Mary Reparatrix

We have been members of the IMS since January 2017, so for 3 years.

Two years ago, I took on the responsibility of being the representative of our Congregation in Madagascar for the IMS. In a word, working with the teams in Madagascar, I greatly appreciate the personal and professional approach of all the advisers and the great respect shown for the need of each member.

I can say that this helps access for the IMS members. Of course, reimbursements are not a hundred percent, they simply reduce the costs, and this is a sign of solidarity, because up to now your assistance has helped us a lot.

Personally, and in my experience, being a member really helps us and we have the desire to continue.

I now realise that the IMS is experiencing the same spirituality that Jesus had during his time with the apostles. It heals patients and relieves anxiety associated with the lack of resources, especially for long-term treatments such as “dialysis or other diseases”.

A huge thank to the IMS for good advices, help and continuous support and great generosity and mutual assistance.

I strongly encourage the excellent work of the IMS nearby the congregations and dioceses to facilitate access for their members to healthcare and thus facilitate their dedication to the mission.