Sister Holub

Sister Anne-Julie Holub

General Section


The Community du Chemin Neuf has chosen to use the services of the IMS where there is no local healthcare cover or when members travel. In this respect, the Association facilitates the evangelisation mission of the Community, like religious institutes, while assisting the dioceses. 


Our communities in different countries are familiar with the services of the IMS from their houses, in particular in Poland, the Czech Republic, the FRG, the DRC, Chad, Madagascar, Mauritius, the Philippines and Brazil. The priests, consecrated laity, single and with families can count on Sister Véronique Morin and myself, who are respectively in charge of the healthcare invoices and assistance from Lyon (France). 


I appreciate the “solidarity between religious communities” that the IMS allows, and I also emphasise the “knowledge of the specificity of missionary life”, a key strength of the Association. 


In practical terms, the speed and flexibility in handling IMS cases are very appreciable, especially since electronic communications have become widespread since early 2020.  


A network of hospitals is in place within the IMS which will grow as we wish, with easy access and negotiated rates.