Sending your invoices and slips without delay

Because of the pandemic, International Missionary Benefit Society has decided to simplify the sending of invoices and forms Group leaders are invited to send these documents by e-mail.


In order to facilitate processing, group leaders are invited to send these elements to their section without waiting for a large number of requests.


Please note


  • A control procedure has been put in place within the IMS.
  • Each group must therefore keep its original invoices and receipts for a minimum of 2 years (due to the 2-year foreclosure period) and be able to present them to the IMS, which may request them.



Reminder of the elements to be transmitted by e-mail (scan or photo)


  • Treatment sheets,
  • prescriptions and prescriptions with stickers if applicable,
  • ¬†original invoices or certified copies with the practitioner’s stamp and signature,
  • ¬†photocopies when it is a prescription renewal,
  • a letter specifying the care the member received, the doctor’s speciality and the name of the currency.