Return to God of Father Francis Kihm, member of the IMS Steering Committee since 2016

Sister Elisabeth Auliac entrusts to your prayers


Father Francis Kihm


who died on Monday 22 March 2021 as a result of Covid-19.


A Spiritan Father, missionary in Senegal for some thirty years, in rural and suburban areas, he was called back to France at the beginning of the 2000s to serve the elderly brothers of his congregation.
He was in charge of health coverage for his brothers living in Europe and overseas, as well as communities of religious sisters, within the framework of CAVIMAC, the Mutuelle Saint-Martin and International Missionary Benefit Society.


We will miss his fraternal spirit and generosity.


May the Lord welcome him into his love.



We have received many messages of sympathy:


“This is very sad news! We are praying for him and his congregation. ”


“Nuestras condolencias por esta lamentable perdida. Unidos en la oración pedimos por el eterno descando del Padre Francis Kihm, y acompañamos a todos los miembros de AMI en esta situación tan triste.


“May the Lord grant him eternal rest and be the Support of his natural and Spiritan family. With our prayers. ”


“Struck with amazement, but resigned, we entrust him to God. Wholeheartedly with all of you in trusting prayer. ”


“What sad news for his spiritual and biological family and for us who knew him! We will never forget those moments of brotherhood and sharing with him during our meetings at the Management Committee. ”


“Francis was a Father of great kindness and had a very generous and available heart. I was very marked by his person. We will miss him, that’s for sure. Let us pray for him, his religious family and also his own family who must be marked by this departure. May the Lord welcome him and accompany him in his new mission, always at the service of others in another way. ”


“With my sisters and in communion of prayer with all of you, we entrust to God the soul of Father Francis KIHM. We also pray for his community and his family who are suffering from his death. ”

“Reading your message, I am sad to learn of this sudden departure. Could you please send to his Spiritan brothers all our fraternal closeness and our prayers of the community of the Carmel Saint Joseph of Saint Martin Belle Roche, ”


“Receiving the message from the Central office on the death of Fr Francis Kihm, is a call for us in the East Africa Section, to be united with you; but in special way to be with the Spiritan family that he belonged. I remember him in the last meeting for all the Section managers, if I’m not wrong.
With great respect we join you with our prayers for his eternal rest.


“Together with you, we are united in prayer to ask for the grace of eternal rest for Father Francis Kihm. May he rest in peace. ”


“La sección 11 de Hermanos Maristas de América Central sentimos mucho esta noticia le pedimos a Nuestro Señor y nos unimos en oración por su eterno descanso. Y mucha fortaleza a todos sus her familia y amigos. ”


« I loved his sense of humour combined with a lot of sensitivity and above all his good judgment. »


“We will miss him, for sure! “