Update on COVID-19 situation in Kenya and internationally


Dr. Tamer Mikhail MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin), Senior Consultant Physician, Hear of Department of Internal Medicine, Coptic Hospital, Nairobi gave a lecture on Covid-19 and the situation in Kenya and internationally for the members of the East Africa Section on January 20, 2021.


This is the agenda of the presentation :


• COVID-19 Pandemic- Introduction
• COVID-19 Pandemic- Disease Burden
• Situation in Kenya Jan 20th, 2021
• Etiology and Pathogenesis
• Duration of infectivity
• Host & Reservoir, and Survival Capacity of COVID-19
• Transmissibility of COVID-19
• Transmission Susceptibility
• Pathophysiology of COVID-19 infections
• Laboratory Investigations
• Laboratory Investigations- Cont’d
• Radiological Investigations
• Radiological Investigations- Cont’d
• Clinical Syndromes
• Complications of COVID-19 infection
• Mild Illness
• Pneumonia
• Management of Pneumonia in COVID-19
• Management of Pneumonia in COVID-19- Cont’d
• Discharge standards for COVID-19 patients
• What diabetic patients should do to prepare themselves?
• What diabetic patients should do to prepare themselves?- Cont’d
• What about HCQS & Azithromycin as possible treatments for COVID-19?
• What are the thrombosis risk and management considerations in COVID-19?
• Can I take vitamins or other food supplements ? Which ones ? Do they protect me against the COVID-19?
• Can people catch COVID-19 more than once?
• What should we do as patients with CVD?
• What should we do as patients with CVD?- Cont’d
• Covid-19 Vaccines
• Take care of your heart while at home
• Conclusion


You can download his lecture material here.