Prevention of illness during covid-19


During the Covid-19 epidemic, there is a decrease in emergency room visits and hospital admissions for other conditions. There is also a decline in the use of health care, which is a health concern. Patients are afraid to go to their doctors and to go to hospital because of the risk of contracting Covid or other diseases. However, it is essential to pay attention to one’s health and to seek treatment without delay. There are conditions that can be life-threatening emergencies, requiring immediate attention, such as cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. This is why patients are really called upon not to postpone the care they need despite the current health context.


This recommendation particularly concerns vulnerable people such as diabetics, hypertensives and people with cancer.


As for people suffering from chronic illnesses and acute pathologies, they should continue to take their usual medication and not postpone appointments and medical examinations that have been prescribed to them.


People should not hesitate to contact their doctor to make an appointment, whatever their situation: need for a consultation or fragility requiring special monitoring.


It is also essential that people requiring emergency care have recourse to the appropriate care structures.


We don’t know when Covid will end, so even if most people have already been vaccinated, it is prudent to give advance warning to better detect a pathology in time.



Sister Jos├ęphine RASOAZANAMADIO

Madagascar Section