Prayer of the IMS during a pandemic

Holy Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, hear our prayers


God of mercy

At this time when our world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, we confide in you.


Lord Jesus, light of the nations, our strength and our hope,

We entrust to you in particular the members of our communities and dioceses who died this year and all those who are seriously ill.

We pray for our countries shaken by economic, political crises, conflicts and wars.


Holy Spirit, Comforter, Spirit of love and strength,

Come upon us so that we may know how to bear witness to You wherever you send us.

In the face of anguish gripping the world, give us the grace to bring the peace and comfort that comes from you.


On this day when we are gathered in your name, we also want to give thanks.


Be blessed for the fraternity lived within the IMS

Be blessed for the commitment of doctors, nurses and all who serve the sick.

Blessed be those who work in researching vaccines and medicines.

Be blessed for the solidarity that is deployed to relieve physical, moral and material suffering

Jesus Christ,

On this day of the General Assembly,

Open our hearts to the word of the other and come and enlighten our discussions and our decisions.




Prayer on the occasion of the EMI General Assembly on November 17, 2021