Requests for mutual aid in case of chronic pathology (or “long-term illness”)

People suffering from a serious or chronic pathology (such as diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, etc.) can be recognised as benefiting from continuous treatment (for a chronic disease). These illnesses require recurrent treatment every month ad vitam. The purchase of the treatment is therefore frequent and, unless adjustments are made, almost identical each time.


To facilitate these requests for mutual aid as much as possible, for members of the IMS suffering from a chronic pathology, it is advisable to tick the “Pharmacy for chronic diseases” box in the list of procedures to be selected.


For this purpose:
– Invoices are issued in the name of the IMS beneficiary member
– The products are related to the disease
– The Group Manager ensures that the initial prescription (or certificate), on which the doctor has indicated the long-term nature of the condition, is attached to each request to MSH
– The Group Manager selects the “Pharmacy for chronic diseases” line (self-help repository, extranet).

The objectives are to allow the Groups to transmit the recurrent invoices related to the chronic disease, to allow MSH to have the supporting documents and to reimburse within the deadlines, to allow the IMS to control and avoid possible abuses.