Sister Auliac, President of the International Missionary Benefit Society


Presentation of the IMS

For over 50 years the IMS, an international association governed by Swiss law, has been working to ensure that priests, churchpeople and missionaries around the world have healthcare cover (140 countries) thus facilitating the obligation of their dioceses and their congregations according to canon law 619 to provide this cover. (30,000 beneficiary members to date).

We work with the aim of “taking care” and contributing to social peacefulness by providing healthcare cover regardless of the place and the living conditions of the beneficiaries.

We hope that this sharing will be extended further to those missionaries who do not have access to proper healthcare cover; indeed, that “well managed sharing will be multiplied”. We still have the task of setting up a high-quality care network that is also accessible in very disadvantaged health areas.
The annual meeting of the Steering Committee and of the Sections is an occasion to come together to listen and discuss people’s concerns so that decision-making is adjusted to the reality of the communities and the dioceses in their countries.

The association, which was founded in 1965 by and for a few missionaries, must now adapt to the new forms of religious life and the needs of the mission. The IMS is gradually enriched with the discovery of our differences, our needs and the contributions of all its members. Meeting, dialogue, solidarity, fraternity and very concrete support are our horizons.


Father Michel Ménard
President of the IMS from 2002 to 2018
  Father Jean Nouvel
President of the IMS from 1984 to 2002