Presentation of the IMS in ROME in December 2023

On 12 December 2023, Sister Auliac, President of the IMS, went to meet the Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelisation. She was accompanied by Sister Amoussou and Brother Gregorio (IMS contact points in Rome), as well as Mr Sacheli (IMS Central Office).


Bishop Nwachukwu, General Secretary, represented Cardinal Tagle. He agreed with the IMS President on the obvious need for health cover for religious and priests, particularly in Africa, Central/South America and Asia.


Initiatives exist here and there at diocesan level to cover the health of priests, but many are still looking for a solution. The IMS is one possibility, with its principles of solidarity such as collective affiliation (care for the bishop, but also for each priest) or modulation of contributions (a reduced effort requested in countries where economic conditions are restrictive).


The IMS is continuing its efforts with the Congregation for Evangelisation to communicate its solutions, in particular to certain regions and countries.


On 12 December 2023, Sister Auliac also addressed the IMS Groups, which are managed from Rome. The meeting is part of the link between the Sections and the Groups, hence the presence of M. Sacheli, Head of the General Section.


Few Groups are present in Rome, but they reflect the diversity of the IMS in terms of where members serve (Africa, Europe, Asia, America), the number of countries covered, the type of communities (male/female congregations, associations of the faithful) and how long they have been members of the IMS.


During the meeting, important reminders were given to Group Leaders about IMS services and how to make the best use of them (membership, aid, social fund….), as well as information about the latest developments (care network, treatment….).


Everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions.


During her visit, the President of the IMS also made a point of greeting the President of the Rome Bursars’ Association on 12 December. Sister Auliac and Father Donnay share a common vision of the fundamental role of superiors with regard to the health of their members. Father Donnay underlined the difficulties faced by many religious communities (finances, health care provision); the IMS information presented by Sister Auliac therefore seemed particularly relevant to him, for the bursars looking for a solution for health cover based on solidarity.


On 13 December, 30 treasurers from the Association met. Mr Sacheli, IMS’s Development Manager, gave them a presentation on the Association. Some of the local authorities represented were already members. The others found out about the Association and some of them are going to study the IMS offer.


Fr Gregorio, Sr Auliac, Mgr Nwachukwu, P. Ndione, Sr Amoussou  Sr Auliac and IMS Group Leaders Sr Auliac, Sr Amoussou, Pr Donnay, Fr Gregorio