West Africa

Meeting with the Conference of Major Superiors of Ivory Coast and the General Council of the Community of Divine Love


From 18 to 21 May, the General Assembly of the Conference of Major Superiors of the Ivory Coast (CSMCI) was held at Abata-Abidjan, the Eudists’ reception and spirituality center.

As a delegate member of my Congregation and of a commission of the Conference, it was a good opportunity to exchange on certain points of the functioning of the IMS, especially since the majority of them are members of the Missionary Benefit Society.

The question of the link between the CMU and the IMS deserved to be clarified. Subscription to the CMU has been made compulsory, and even payment of contributions, but so far nothing has worked. The cards are available, some health centres have been indicated but the start-up is not effective. Our Catholic health structures are in close collaboration with the CNAM (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie) in order to help the insured to better benefit from its services.

Extensive communication has been made on the assumption of responsibility for part of the care and covid-19 tests.

The care areas of our section were still misunderstood by some members, the services and especially the care that are not reimbursable by the IMS.

It was also an opportunity to remind the objectives and functioning of the social fund and contribution reduction commissions as well as the care network.





The Major Superiors of the Ivory Coast were interested to know more about Cavimac and other insurance possibilities in France, how to proceed when sending an IMS member to study in Europe or for a mission in the community.





On 08 June 2021, the IMS was invited to the General Council of the Community of Divine Love in Agboville (RCI); one of the large indigenous congregations of the Ivory Coast. The Superior General, before taking any decision regarding their health coverage, deemed it necessary that the members of his Council be informed about the IMS, a mutual of solidarity and sharing in the Church.


Sister Eugénie DENA

Head of O.A. Section

Abidjan- RCI