Keep track of the aid received to avoid blocking reimbursement



After a course of treatment, group leaders are invited to submit their invoices and receipts on the extranet or to send them by email to




The application is then processed by a manager who will check that all the supporting documents are present and calculate the amount of aid to be paid. He or she issues a self-help statement.


The self-help statement is sent to the group leader and saved on the extranet.
Sometimes the statement shows a zero reimbursement either because the costs are not covered by the IMS (e.g. hygiene products) or because supporting documents are missing. You will then receive an e-mail explaining which proof to send back.
To respond to this request, you should not create a new request but send the proof by e-mail, indicating the settlement number to speed up processing.


Some tips for better management:

  •  Send legible receipts
  •  If the doctor consulted does not issue an invoice, bring the IMS care sheet and have it filled in and signed by the doctor. This sheet is available here: EMI_FORM-6.pdf (
  • Send the detailed invoice and the prescription (still obligatory for certain procedures, in particular Pharmacy, Analysis, Physiotherapy, Imaging)
  • In the case of a “renewed” pharmacy (for example, due to a long-term illness): attach a copy of the initial prescription
  • For hospitalisations: indicate the reason (reason) and dates of stay
  • Physiotherapy sessions: ask the practitioner to give details of the dates of sessions or at least the number of sessions and the date of the first and last




If there are several settlements for the same group over the same period, the manager creates a payment statement which will group these settlements and send it to the Group contact (usually the Group Manager) by email at the beginning of the week.



In the case of international bank transfers, it is important to check that the sum corresponding to the payment statement has arrived in the group’s bank account. If this is not the case, a complaint should be made by email: