Documents to be sent in case of hospitalisation

Requests for mutual aid are always accompanied by supporting documents (invoice, prescription, care sheet….). In the case of hospitalisations within the IMS care network, the Association’s manager advances the costs. In the event that the Groups are required to submit hospital invoices on the extranet and in order to enable the processing of these mutual aid requests, the documents must also specify :


  • the length of stay (number of days or date of admission/date of discharge)
  • the reason for hospitalisation


If these 2 elements are not included on the invoice, the patient must present the IMS care sheet to the professional, who can date and sign it, indicating precisely the duration and the reason for the care.


The IMS care sheet can be downloaded from the IMS website


In certain cases (in particular if the amount of the invoice is very high or the duration of the stay is long), the manager may request an additional document from the Group, such as the medical report. This should be sent to the medical service (