Development of the care network

The establishment of a very large care network is one of the major developments of International Missionary Benefit Society. Since 1 January 2022, it has been possible to benefit from the absence of advance payment for hospital stays within the network.




What is this network?


The resource can be consulted by groups by logging on to the extranet. As of 21 March, 130 establishments make up the “IMS network” (a few hundred are expected to join in 2022) and many others are in the “MSH network”.



In the former (IMS), the MSH partner pays the bill to the hospital, with the remainder to be paid by the Group being non-existent or low. For the others (MSH), a search by country and city provides a list of hospitals with the mention “accepting third-party payment” (a remaining charge is possible).

If you wish to receive the list of hospitals in pdf format, please contact us at


What is the procedure?


-First of all, the Group Leader or the beneficiary member verifies the possibility of admission to the selected hospital, by presenting the IMS membership card (or at least the IMS identity and number).

-The hospital sends a request for admission to MSH.

-Finally, MSH issues the cover to the hospital and the Group*.

The Group can ask MSH for an update by writing to or by calling +33 (0)1 44 20 98 55.




*What are the delays?


-In the vast majority of cases (programmed hospitalisation), it is advisable to anticipate; indeed, the hospital and MSH may have to exchange information. MSH guarantees to take care of the patient within 10 days;

-In the case of an urgent hospitalisation, MSH will deliver the treatment to the hospital under agreement within 1 hour.