Medical evacuation in the event of serious illness - Mutas

The International Missionary Benefit Society has chosen the not-for-profit association MUTAS to offer a medical evacuation solution in the event of serious illness. This service is reserved for members of the international Options 1 and 2.

In these situations, Mutas is responsible for the decision, coordination and organisation of the medical evacuation.


What costs are covered?

  • The cover may include an air ticket for the person to be evacuated, an ambulance aircraft if necessary, an ambulance or a taxi, etc.
  • The evacuation request must be medically justified and by the need for the patient to be hospitalised on arrival, either within the continent or in Europe.
  • Note: the applicant is responsible for obtaining an appropriate visa.

What is the procedure?

  • The group, in liaison with the Section manager, contacts MUTAS by telephone. This step is required to start the procedure.
  • MUTAS contacts the general practitioner or the physician in charge in the hospital and if necessary organises a medical team to be sent to examine the patient.
  • If the need is confirmed, the medical evacuation is triggered after medical advice from MUTAS, which informs the IMS of it.
  • A transfer is organised and the person is repatriated to the appropriate country to continue their treatment and hospitalisation.

Who pays the invoice?

  • Either MUTAS organises the repatriation and invoices the costs incurred to the International Missionary Benefit Society. The IMS pays the total cost of the medical evacuation and then the group reimburses its participation (IMS support: 80% of the total, based on 5 economy class seats).
  • Or, after medical agreement from MUTAS, the group decides to organise the repatriation at its own expense and is then reimbursed by the IMS.




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