Apply for exceptional assistance via the Social Fund

Groups of the International Missionary Benefit Society can apply for exceptional help via the Social Fund. Indeed, the high costs of health care can leave a burden on the weakened congregations that is difficult to manage.


  • The Groups first apply to the Social Fund Commission level 1 (=their Section).
  • Afterwards, it is possible to address another request to the Social Fund Commission level 2 (=IMS Headquarters in Paris).


In both cases, the exceptional aid paid is limited to 50% of the remaining amount. Thus, in the event of major expenses, the IMS can pay three successive grants to a group: grants paid by the management centre following the sending of expense receipts, grants allocated by the Section (social fund 1), grants allocated by the international social fund commission (social fund 2) : a particularly effective form of solidarity.


It is important to note that documents must be attached to FORM 7. The latest version of the form is available by following this link or by going to the Documentary Resources section of the site.


This latest version aims to :

  • specify, in the case of hospitalization, the status of the establishment* (whether or not it belongs to the IMS network or the MSH network),
  • recall that a request concerns a care procedure,
  • indicate the documents to be provided.

* The members of the Social Fund committees pay particular attention to the files relating to establishments with agreements, as they are a guarantee of quality of service and controlled costs.


Each section contributes 0.5% of the contributions to the Social Fund.


Please note that any Group can request the schedule of Social Fund commissions from its Section.


Do not hesitate to make requests when you have particular needs.
The Social Fund Committees will consider your requests carefully to supplement reimbursements for very high expenses.


Some examples :

  • hospitalisation
  • major dental, hearing or optical care
  • assistance with medical repatriation
  • assistance to Groups who are obliged to provide assistance to their members in serious and heavy cases
  • psychological follow-ups….