Accelerate your reimbursements with the declaration of honour

Since January 1, 2022, the Groups have submitted requests for mutual assistance to the IMS operators, attaching paid invoices and prescriptions. The objective of the managers is to analyze the files, to codify them precisely, before being able to deliver the support as quickly as possible (bank transfer in 10 days).


IMS is sensitive to the difficulties that certain Groups may encounter, which is why the administrators now authorize Group managers to support requests for mutual assistance with a certificate.


Some examples :


  • the reason for hospitalizations is required, but the invoices do not always indicate it ;
  • eyeglass invoices are not always detailed, whereas a pair consists of a frame (and its price) and 2 lenses (often 2 different prices), in rare cases ;
  • a drug cannot be prescribed by a doctor.


A complete file is the assurance of a fast assistance. Thus, in order not to leave requests pending when it is useful to provide details, the Group manager can use this form which can be downloaded from the IMS website. It must be attached to the mutual assistance request file in the same way as the other supporting documents. If the request has already been sent, the certificate is sent by email, with the file references.



Download Form 8
by clicking HERE.



Link to the new form