Frequently asked questions


  • When can a member change option?

    A missionary can change option when they change country or their responsibilities mean they have to travel.

  • Retroactively a sister wishes to join as of 1 February for Option 1. On which date will her membership be effective?

    Membership will be effective from 1 January, because IMS membership is for whole half-years or quarters, namely 1 January, 1 April, 1 July or 1 October. Any half-year started is payable. If the Sister had joined on 1 May, then she would have participated for the quarter from April to June. When an application is made to join as of 1 February, the IMS takes into account a half-year.

  • Is there an age limit for joining the IMS?

    No, there is no age limit nor medical questionnaire. From the age of 65, the cost of hospitalisation is however limited to 6 months for the same complaint.

  • I do not have an IMS membership card or Vitale health card, is this normal?

    Yes, it is normal. The IMS does not issue a card, but will provide a certificate on request.


  • A Father left the IMS on 20 September, so can the IMS offer a credit note for the last quarter?

    No, because any half-year started is payable.

  • Can a group be enrolled in January and ask to cancel two or three months afterwards?

    Yes, this is possible, but any half-year started is payable. Since the commitment is for 3 years, after a departure of the group, re-enrolment is possible but with a 6-month waiting period as regards assistance paid.


  • What is the period of validity of invoices for the reimbursement of health care?

    To be taken into account by a section, the health care invoices for reimbursement must be sent within 1 year of the date of the health care. After this time, no reimbursement will be made.

  • Does IMS advance the care costs directly to hospitals?

    With some hospitals with which there are agreements (AP-HP in France, Abidjan, Nairobi), the IMS advances costs and will settle the invoice (except the fee for a private room). However, you must check in advance, because payment must be asked for from the section.

  • Does the IMS takes into account quotations for reimbursement?

    No, to be reimbursed, you must submit the original receipted invoices.

Options and countries

  • I am in Option 4 and I am ill. Can I change to Option 1 to get treatment in one of the countries of the Option 1 area?

    Changing option is made on presentation of a mission statement and not according to an illness. The option change will therefore be possible if it accords with the country shown on your mission statement.

  • I am in option 4D and I have to go to a country of Option 4B. Is this possible?

    Yes, provided you pay the difference in the contribution which exists between Options 4D and 4B.

  • What is the procedure for switching a group from Option 4 to Option 1?

    On receipt of the list to be updated (end of a half-year), the group manager will make the request and if approved this will take effect from the following half-year.

  • Can a member in Option 4 switch to Option 1 within the same group?

    Yes, it can change to Option 1 (in the case of a change of country of mission, while remaining in the group, in the case of access to a responsibility which imposes regular travel to a country of Option 1). Transfer due to an illness is not allowed.


  • A Brother comes to France for a visit, and he has no health care cover. Can the IMS cover him for this short period?

    Companies such as PREVINTER can provide this service: for more information, please visit the IMS website or contact your section.


  • I am in Option 1. Do I benefit from “medical evacuation” cover?

    Yes, medical evacuation is reserved for members in Option 1.

  • Is medical evacuation reimbursed in full?

    IMS participates 80% of the cost of 5 air tickets (economy seats).

  • I have booked my plane tickets for my medical evacuation. Will the IMS participate?

    The medical evacuation request must first be confirmed by MUTAS, IMS’ partner which needs to be contacted for any evacuation request.

  • I need medical checks to be made. Can I benefit from the “medical evacuation” cover to do so?

    Medical evacuation is reserved for cases of serious infection requiring hospitalisation within 8 days of the intervention.

  • Can medical evacuation be made to different countries?

    Yes, MUTAS will prefer evacuation to a nearby country with appropriate medical infrastructure. The country of origin is not therefore necessarily the destination.

  • I need a medical evacuation. Who do I contact?

    You must contact MUTAS. Their alarm centre is available 24/7.
    You can contact them by phone on 00 32 2,272 09 00, by fax on 00 32 2,270 03 05 or by e-mail at