Father Kihm

Father Francis Kihm

Group manager and member of the Steering committee

As IMS Group manager for the Congregation, I regularly deal with the General Section. I already knew the Association, through having been a beneficiary member during my 30-year mission in Senegal.

For the procedures relating to membership, contributions and the submission of requests for assistance, I am supported by Ms Marie Victoire and her 10 years of experience. She is able to communicate with the Fathers who are the furthest away, using the current technologies, which allow for rapid processing of the cases and thus assistance being obtained relatively quickly. The Spiritan members of the IMS can thus receive better healthcare in many African countries, but also in Asia and America.

I emphasise the personal nature of the relationship with the IMS; unlike many health insurance contracts offered elsewhere, the quality of the exchanges is particularly appreciable.

Finally, I would recommend to the IMS Groups that they use the Social Fund when necessary; through this mechanism, a few particularly expensive cases have received exceptional additional aid, particularly for medical evacuations.