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In Madagascar, since its creation in 1973. The Episcopal Conference is the main manager of the IMS Madagascar section. The mutual assistance association assists Superiors and Bishops take care of sick men religious, women religious and priests when they do not benefit from a healthcare system.

Since then, congregations and dioceses adhering to various options have joined the IMS. Currently our section has 926 members and 26 groups spread over several regions of Madagascar.

Our section is changing over time and recently two congregations and a diocese have joined us: Diocese of Moramanga, Congregation of the Marist Brothers and Holy Family Charity Center.

Our objectives:

  • Economic and social support to groups and members for healthcare costs.
  • Provide our services at all times and meet the growing needs of the members.
  • Reach out to groups and members, both those who are already in the IMS or those who are not yet in the IMS, or those who are still undecided.



Sister Blandine

Benedictine Sister of Sainte Bathilde


The Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of Sainte Bathilde

of Vanves.


We have been with the IMS since the 1st half-year of 2011. Because of increasing healthcare costs, we need help to care for our women religious and to benefit from the partial reimbursements of our costs for purchases of medicines, hospitalisation and medical care.


We greatly appreciate the service provided by the IMS and are very grateful to the managers for the assistance we receive each year for our three communities in Madagascar.


We wish you continued success and may the Lord grant you strength, peace and joy for your actions throughout the world.


Sister Claudette Ralivao

Madagascar Section

Sisters of Mary Reparatrix

We have been members of the IMS since January 2017, so for 3 years.

Two years ago, I took on the responsibility of being the representative of our Congregation in Madagascar for the IMS. In a word, working with the teams in Madagascar, I greatly appreciate the personal and professional approach of all the advisers and the great respect shown for the need of each member.

I can say that this helps access for the IMS members. Of course, reimbursements are not a hundred percent, they simply reduce the costs, and this is a sign of solidarity, because up to now your assistance has helped us a lot.

Personally, and in my experience, being a member really helps us and we have the desire to continue.

I now realise that the IMS is experiencing the same spirituality that Jesus had during his time with the apostles. It heals patients and relieves anxiety associated with the lack of resources, especially for long-term treatments such as “dialysis or other diseases”.

A huge thank to the IMS for good advices, help and continuous support and great generosity and mutual assistance.

I strongly encourage the excellent work of the IMS nearby the congregations and dioceses to facilitate access for their members to healthcare and thus facilitate their dedication to the mission.

Sister Joséphine Rasoazanamadio


Daughter of Wisdom

Having arrived in Madagascar in 1934, we are currently in 5 dioceses of Madagascar and we have about twenty communities with 105 Malagasy Sisters and 10 external Missionaries. Most of our sisters live in remote locations with insufficient staff in relation to the wide range of activities at each mission site. Here is a list of our works: school, dispensary, pastoral care, promotion of women, development, prison, orphanage, reception centre (retirement, marriage, etc.), care of our sick and elderly sisters and then studying sisters and young people in training.

The deficiencies cited above, plus the unsettling daily pace of life given the challenges faced by people’s poverty have an impact on the health of the sisters that is becoming precarious. That is why we joined the IMS, which responded favourably to us in 2008, and we have been a member since then.

We are in the IMS to be supportive of the Church and to support each other mutually in difficult times. The IMS helps us reduce our healthcare costs. It allows us to help the poor and needy when we are in good health because it provides us with proper healthcare.

For us, the IMS is an “encouragement and relief in situations and conditions that are inexplicable and inseparable from the poverty of the people.”

What we appreciate at the IMS is its RELIABILITY in reimbursing costs. Thanks to the IMS our healthcare costs are covered and even if there are patients, deaths are reduced.

Thank you to those who work in this field for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We, the Daughters of Wisdom, are very grateful to you. May God bless you!



Sister Catherine Ravita


Madagascar Section



We are in the IMS, due to the organisation of our Congregation which has its generalate house in France. This allows us to experience the solidarity of the Church, mutual assistance for the health of all.


We joined the IMS a few years after it was founded in 1965 in France.


The IMS allows our Congregation to provide care to each of the sisters according to their health. We are very grateful to this organisation which helps us a lot with the healthcare of even seriously ill sisters. Thank you for the generosity of those who manage the association in our country.




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